The Alchemic Kitchen

11th April 2020

Alchemic Kitchen

We’ve always brewed beer that does the world of good, and right now, we want to make sure it does the most good it possibly can. 

We launched the Meal Deal to help feed people in need during the COVID-19 crisis. Every beer you buy from our webshop will fund a meal for vulnerable communities.

We are already funding community projects.

The first project Toast is supporting via Feedback is the Alchemic Kitchen in Knowsley, near Liverpool.

The social enterprise was set up two years ago to repurpose surplus produce and prevent food waste, whilst connecting vulnerable communities. 

They have rapidly adapted to prepare, cook and distribute meals to those who are struggling to access food. Costs are minimal because the food is surplus and the team is supported by volunteers to serve the nutritious meals. So funds can go directly to feeding people.

The Alchemic Kitchen began serving 100 meals each week. With Toast’s support they can scale quickly to feed many more people.

As the Liverpool project reaches capacity, we’ll direct funding to similar programmes identified by Feedback in other vulnerable communities.

If you know of a project that needs funding help to scale, please get in touch.

We plan to work with organisations who are already set up so funds can get to work immediately.  Overheads would be covered by existing income so the money we raise can go directly to serving more food to those in need.

Ultimately, the Meal Deal campaign will fund feeding operations across the UK.

We’re proud to support charities and community kitchens via our brilliant partner charity Feedback. A Toast to them for doing such vital work to support our vulnerable communities at this unprecedented time.