The Circle of Loaf

11th December 2023

Beer Bread

We’ve joined forces with French legends of the baking world - Poilâne. Launching a bread made from beer, made from bread. Or toast made from Toast!

The Poilâne® Beer Sourdough Loaf uses our Toast Lager instead of water in the baking process, to create a bread that is really raising the bar. 

Our pals at Poilâne know their stuff - they’ve been baking artisan loaves since 1932. Their mission is to create authentic bread made with quality ingredients and traditional fermentation methods. They value the humble loaf and always prioritise quality over quantity. Something we whole-heartedly agree with.

This artisan loaf is 100% handmade in London and baked to perfection in a wood-fired oven. It’s a classic sourdough given a beautiful boost with the rich flavour of beer. With a delicate essence of malt, underscored by a subtle umami undertone. The crust is crisp, but the inside is moist and flavourful. This bread pairs perfectly with a chunk of cheese or a generous slathering of butter. 

Hungry for more? The Poilâne® Beer Sourdough Loaf is exclusively available at Ocado.