Coffee Porter with Cafédirect

2nd December 2021

Coffee Porter

Enjoy this Guest Post by Roxy from Cafédirect

Cafédirect teamed up with social enterprise and fellow B Corp Toast Ale to tackle food waste and to raise awareness of how important the food industry is in tackling climate change. Toast use bread that would otherwise go to waste to make beer!

We donated coffee to brew a special ‘Coffee Porter’ (5.6%). Brewed with surplus fresh bread and Fairtrade Brazilian small-batch roasted at our roastery in London. The Coffee Porter has a rich, dark and velvety flavour and is a delicious way to support both food waste and climate justice as part of Toast’s Companion Series.

As 70% of the world’s food is grown by smallholder farmers, they are integral to our global food system. Post COP26, there is a renewed focus on deforestation, but not on our global food system which accounts for around a third of GHG emissions.

Cafédirect has been working with smallholder farmers for over thirty years. With smallholder farmers both on our board and as shareholders, they have been integral to our business’ success.

Similarly, we appreciate that smallholder farmers are the experts in not only growing food (and coffee!) that we enjoy but are also integral in protecting and managing the landscapes and eco-systems that we need to protect and conserve as part of addressing the climate emergency that we are facing.

From our perspective, improving smallholder farmer livelihoods enables better and faster adoption of more regenerative farming methods, which helps to keep carbon in the soil and enables us to continue to enjoy the amazing products grown in these regions.

This brew-tiful collaboration is part of Toast’s Companion Series, working with 26 breweries to create a Limited Edition range of beers to highlight that we are in a climate emergency. You can purchase the whole series on Toast’s online shop. Every £26 sold is donated to two charity partners, Rainforest Alliance UK and Soil Heroes.

Cheers to that!