Crazy for crumpets?

25th February 2020

Crazy for crumpets?

We’re raising a Toast to something a little different with our chums at Warburtons – blowing the trumpet for the humble crumpet!


We’ve  partnered with the UK’s favourite family bakery to create a special beer: a limited edition Session IPA brewed with surplus crumpets. It’s the UK’s first ever (wonky) crumpet beer. It is not only bread you can use to brew delicious planet-saving beer. There’s a whole world of baked goodies that are perfect for toasting.


Warburtons is a family business run by the fifth generation of the Warburton family. It started off as a grocery shop in Bolton by Thomas and Ellen Warburton in 1876. It now bakes millions of crumpets a year, though unfortunately they don’t all make the cut. Wonky crumpets – the ones that are too small, too squished, too holey – aren’t quite right for the supermarket shelves. But  they’re perfect for beer.


Brewing with crumpets is pretty simple. The Warburton’s team joined Toasters Chris and James at the brewery in February to help “crumb” surplus crumpets. It was a day of ripping and tearing the soft, fluffy crumpets into smaller pieces. This increases the surface area so we can get to more of the sugars that will ferment into alcohol. A few were eaten because, well, quality control is very important to us.  The crumpet pieces were added into the mash tun where they began their journey to beery heaven.


Three weeks later and the result is a wonderfully light, malty Session IPA. It’s the perfect match for a plate of fluffy crumpets. If you’re crazy for crumpets, this limited-edition beer is available exclusively through our online shop.