Dare To Care

27th June 2020

Dare To Care

We're delighted to be able to extend our help to a fantastic new project, set up to help people in need during the Covid-19 crisis.

Dare to Care sends essentials to vulnerable people in isolation (and PPE to the NHS across London). Thanks to everyone buying our beer online since the beginning of March, we're able to donate to help towards the cost of providing these care packages.

The care packages include a week of basic supplies: food (e.g. staples, fresh fruit and vegetables, bread), hygiene products (e.g. soap, body wash, toilet paper), and something nice (e.g. a handwritten note from volunteers, toys and books for children, tea and biscuits, chocolates).

The contents are carefully sourced, and include items that are donated, delivered by surplus redistribution organisations, and purchased in bulk from wholesalers. The are packed and delivered by a team of trained volunteers.

Through the Meal Deal, our focus has been on helping to feed people, but that's not all that people are struggling to access. So we're really happy to be able to donate funds that will help to provide essential food supplies, while the Dare To Care Packages cover a much wider set of needs (including bringing a little cheer, which is vital for mental health and happiness).

The recipients are vulnerable people who are slipping through the cracks of larger-scale responses - vulnerable women with frequent address changes, migrants and refugees, immunocompromised people who do not qualify for the emergency care packages but are at heightened risk, older people in care homes and living alone, etc.

Dare to Care is able to reach them by working directly with partner organisations and local efforts like Migrant Organise, Crossroads, mutual-aid groups, and care homes.

Toast's Meal Deal is providing funds to Dare to Care help provide 4,200 meals to 200 individuals.

You can find out more about their work here: daretocarepackages.com

Thank you for buying our beer and helping vulnerable people.