Dubbel Dubbel Toil and Trouble – Pumpkin Beer

16th December 2019

Dubbel Dubbel Toil and Trouble – Pumpkin Beer

Halloween has become Britain’s third largest commercial holiday, bringing with it a frightening problem. Three in five pumpkins carved are not eaten – approx 15 million pumpkins – and many end up in landfill. This means 18,000 tonnes of food goes to waste. To raise awareness and celebrate solutions to this scary amount of food waste, we’ve teamed up with Hubbub and Brewdog Tower Hill Outpost to toast to a less wasteful Halloween… by turning pumpkin into beer!


Pumpkins not harvested for commercial use, or taken home by visitors to ‘pick-your-own’ farm sites, are usually left to rot in the fields. Feedback, our main charity partner, manages the Gleaning Network. They invite volunteers to go out with them to collect and redistribute surplus crops of all kinds. We went out with them after Halloween to gather gourds so that we could use them in our latest collaboration brew. Like all our beers, we also used surplus fresh bread – this time from the National Bakery School.


We brewed Dubbel Dubbel Toil and Trouble, a seasonal Belgian style Pumpkin Dubbel, at Brewdog Tower Hill Outpost on 4th November. The pumpkin was oven roasted and the bread torn into croutons before going into the mashtun. Now, we’re waiting for the wonder of fermentation to give us a delicious pint. The pumpkin beer will launching on draught in six Brewdog bars across London on 28th November.Proceeds from the sale of the beer will go to Hubbub to support their campaigns, including the annual #PumpkinRescue.


What to use up your own surplus pumpkins at home? You can brew your own Pumpkin Dubbel by downloading our Pumpkin Beer Homebrew recipe or cook up these delicious pumpkin recipes from Hubbub. 


Here’s to a world with less waste and a beer with more taste.. #HeresToChange #PumpkinRescue