Earth Day 2019

22nd April 2019

Earth Day 2019

This year, Earth Day is all about celebrating our species – the millions of plants, insects and animals we share this planet with. It shines a light on the co-dependency’s and relationships that make up a remarkable global ecosystem which we are lucky enough to be part of.


Yet this delicate ecosystem is under threat from human activity – the unprecedented global destruction and reduction in plant and wildlife has far reaching consequences that we aren’t fully able to compute or understand at the moment.


With a global population of over 7 billion people, food production is naturally going to be a pretty big part of this story. With a vast number of mouths to feed, it is easy to imagine the extreme demands of our planet from agriculture and farming – there is a relentless demand for food.


In fact, food production is the single biggest impact we have on the planet. It’s responsible for 80% of deforestation, 70% of fresh water use, 30% of greenhouse gases and is the biggest contributor to biodiversity loss and soil erosion.


Remarkably, despite this undeniable impact on the planet, we waste one third of all food produced. This is a shockingly high number. In fact, if food waste was a country, it would be the third largest emitter of CO2 emissions globally, behind the US and China.


Waste is caused at every step of our food chain – from farms, to factories, to supermarkets to households. So what can you do to help?


We whole heartedly believe in celebrating the solutions that exist to global challenges – no matter how big or small. Toast Ale is literally built on the idea of people coming together over a delicious beer, engaging with an issue, and championing steps that can be taken to help build a better planet.


That’s why this Earth Day everyone in Team Toast will be sharing some of our favourite food waste tips and resources to help you reduce waste at home. We’ll be posting up until the 24th April – Stop Food Waste Day, so check out our Instagram and Twitter feeds to see what you can do to reduce waste at home.


In the meantime, why not visit a Toast Ale stockist and make that first step to less waste by having a beer.