Feeding people in need

11th April 2020

Feeding people in need

Things are a little scary and uncertain at the moment, but we’ve spent the last few weeks constantly inspired by communities creating positive change, individuals going the extra mile and businesses completely shifting to help those that need it most. 

(And, of course, we’re in awe of and incredibly grateful to key workers across the country, from doctors and nurses to delivery drivers, postal workers and refuse collectors.) 

We want to make sure we’re helping those most in need.

Toast has always been about fixing the food system. In addition to brewing with surplus fresh bread, we’ve donated over £30,000 to charities tackling food waste since we launched in 2016. 

Right now, there’s an unprecedented amount of surplus food in the UK. 

Across the country, hotels, pubs, bars and restaurants have closed their doors, leaving the wholesalers that supply their groceries with nowhere to sell their food. 

At the same time, there’s a growing number of people that need help putting food on the table. 

The solution is surprisingly simple: get the surplus food to people who need it. 

But we’re seeing community-led food projects struggling to cope with a lack of volunteers, reduced donations and less food as more people panic buy. They need people and funding. 

And that’s where we can help.

Some of Team Toast are furloughed and volunteering their time to support local causes (whilst of course observing all the advice around social distancing). We’re also sharing volunteering opportunities within our community - let us know if you want to hear more about that.

And right now, Feedback, our charity partner, is bringing together communities, charities and volunteers across the country to redirect surplus food to where it’s needed most. We want to support them to do more.


Here’s how you’re helping.


We’re now donating every penny of proceeds from beers bought from our online shop towards getting food to those who need it most during the COVID-19 crisis. Every single can or bottle of Toast you buy online will fund a meal for someone who’s especially vulnerable now. 

Since 1st March, you’ve funded 8,814 meals. 


So, if your lockdown beer stash is starting to dwindle and you want to do something to help those in need right now, treat yourself to a case (or maybe even two!). 

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