Food For All

29th June 2020

Food For All

Toast's Meal Deal has funded over 46,000 meals for people in need during the Covid-19 crisis.

We're so proud, and you should be too.

Our focus has always been on fixing our food system. So as we were prepping for lock-down in March, it felt absolutely right that we should help with vital efforts to get food to vulnerable people in local communities.

We set up the Meal Deal, funding meals for people in need through proceeds from our online shop. One meal for every bottle or can bought.

We also asked our newsletter subscribers to help us with a survey, and funded a meal for every response.

Thanks to all Toast Changemakers, we have funded 46,611 meals.

If you bought a beer, or completely a survey, thank you! You helped to provide a vital meal to someone who really needed it.

We've been sharing the stories of the various charities and projects we're worked with in our blog. And our final wrap-up partner is an incredible organisation ...

A Toast to Food For All

Food For All is an entirely volunteer run and managed food relief charity based in central London. They've been running for over 30 years, so were able to respond swiftly to the crisis.

With no salary overhead and an incredibly efficient operation, they're able to achieve a huge amount cost effectively. That means they can stretch funds to feed many people with nutritious meals.

They also have a small environmental footprint. They re-purpose vast amounts of fresh produce that would otherwise go to waste, and deliver vegetarian meals by bicycle rickshaw.

They are providing 5,000 free meals a day to community groups, local authorities, NHS hospitals, tenant and housing associations, as well as on the streets for people without accommodation.

Toast's Meal Deal funded 25,808 meals via Food For All.

We've also helped Food For All in other ways. Our furloughed team wanted to local charities, and Toasters Lawrence, Roisin and Mike volunteered their time to Food For All. Their volunteering included everything from chopping vegetables and transporting food, to running social media accounts and providing remote admin support from home.

We're so proud of them.

The charity still needs support, so if you'd like to help you can volunteer or donate directly. Visit them at

Check out our previous blog posts on Meal Deal partners too, and support them if you can.

We supported six different community groups.

A huge thank you to our partner charity Feedback for making many of the connections so we could help people all over the country.

And a massive thanks to all Toast drinkers for your support.

Whilst the Meal Deal is now closed, we'll continue our charitable giving to deliver systemic change.

Toast has always committed to donating all profits (or a minimum of 1% of revenue) to charities fixing the food system.

So you can enjoy a beer that does the world of good.