Global Climate Strike

12th September 2019

Global Climate Strike

This is a joint business statement from the B Corp community, of which Toast Ale is a proud member, supporting the Global Climate Strike


The climate crisis is an existential threat to people and the planet, with the most vulnerable populations being hit first and hardest. Our actions in the next 18 months will be critical to determining the future of our planet.  We must drastically change the way we make, grow, and build things. We must change the way we travel, live, eat, and power our communities. We must change the way we do business.  


It’s time for an end to the age of fossil fuels.


As business leaders, we are committed to being accountable for, and reducing our impact on the planet. But we know that’s not enough. We stand with the youth climate movement in demanding urgent action on climate change.


The global youth climate movement is sounding the alarm on the climate crisis. For the past year students around the world have organized school strikes demanding bold action on climate. This September they are calling on all of us to join them. Toast, as a businesses committed to sustainability and climate action, is answering that call by joining and amplifying the #ClimateStrike. We hope you’ll join us.