Impact Report 2023

13th June 2024

Impact Report

Our latest impact report is out today.

We're celebrating saving over 3.3 million slices of surplus bread since we began brewing in 2016. If we stacked up those slices, they’d reach almost 5 times the height of Mount Everest!

By using this surplus bread, we’ve reduced demand for malted barley. This has freed up 71 acres of agricultural land. In our global food system, this means we reduce pressure to change more land from pristine wilderness to agriculture. So beyond the avoided emissions from producing malt, we also protect important natural carbon stores.

We’ve also now donated over £116k to charities and created heaps of positive impact.

Our report also includes a deep dive on our full value chain carbon footprint (Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions): 150 tCO2e. By using surplus bread we also avoided emissions of 5.3 tCO2e, giving a net footprint of 145 tCO2e.

We break down the emissions sources from grain to glass, with 99.99% being scope 3.

Toast Emissions Sources 2023

We also set out the product carbon footprint for our full core range. You’ll see that a can has a 65% lower carbon footprint than a bottle, and a pint has a 80% lower carbon footprint than a bottle! So a big focus of our strategy is influencing customers to choose kegs or cans over bottles, and you can read about the work we did last year in the report.

Our footprint data has been audited by ClimatePartner

We have measured all emission sources since 2019 and are improving our coverage and access to activity data every year. Most emissions are scope 3, so we have to work with our suppliers to understand and support their efforts, and campaign for broader system change. 

In the report we detail some of the things we’re working on to achieve an 82% reduction in Scope 3 emissions by 2030.

We're determined to use our beers and our business to have a positive impact, but we believe the critical work is in collective action. For example we support the Climate & Nature Bill and the Better Business Act, and support charities campaigning to help nature thrive such as Plantlife and the Eden Project. We continue to build our support and action in 2024***.


*** This month, we’re supporting and attending Restore Nature Now - a peaceful, legal, family-friendly march aiming to create the biggest ever gathering on climate and nature in Central London. Join us on Saturday 22nd June to demand stronger domestic and global nature and climate leadership from UK politicians. Afterwards raise a Toast with us at The Pilgrim Pub. We’ll be drinking “Thirst Aid for Nature” - brewed in collab with our mates at Zero Hour!