Keg Champion Award

22nd June 2023

Keg Champion Award

We've won a Steel Keg Association "Keg Champion Award" in the Small Brewery Category!

We were presented with the award last week - which is a really big green keg!! We're planning to turn into a snazzy planter for our taproom Good Company so it will be both beautiful and useful. 

What's even better is (as part of the award), the Steel Keg Association donate £1000 to our chosen charity chums. We've selected to spread the love and split the funds between the epic Planlife and City To Sea.

These awards give a shout out to bars, breweries and restaurants that embrace sustainability and the brilliant benefits of reusable steel kegs. Not all kegs are created equal and there are lots of single-use containers out there.

We only use Kegstar reusable stainless steel kegs for our beers (that are gonna be served on tap), as they have a whopping 30+ year lifespan.

Here's to all the other winners and amazing keg champions.

When it comes to our online deliveries, we promote the use of cans rather than bottles, as cans are linked to lower environmental impact.