Melling Volunteers

27th June 2020

Melling Volunteers

Toast's Meal Deal is enabling drinkers to help feed vulnerable communities. With every beer purchased, we are funding a meal for someone in need.

We've been seeking out community groups who've mobilised to support vulnerable local residents during the Covid-19 crisis. And the latest one is close to our heart ... a pub in Melling, Merseyside.

The Horse & Jockey pub closed ahead of Boris Johnson's announcement that all pubs were to close. Landlords Adam and Sue knew there'd be a need for local people to be cared for and decided to mobilise as a community kitchen. 

As Adam was shielding, he focussed on cooking in the kitchens (he's a former military chef so used to cooking in times of crisis), and they set up Melling Volunteers - a team of multi-skilled volunteers from the local community.

They turned the pub and car park into a food redistribution centre.

To identify those most vulnerable and in need of help, they delivered leaflets and used social media posts targeted at those in the village plus neighbouring Aintree, Kirkby and Maghull. They also teamed up with taxi drivers, the parish council and local volunteer services.

They are cooking meals every night, using donated and surplus food where possible. Supermarket chains have donated millions of pounds worth of food to food banks but, like many groups set up to help local people during the Covid-19 crisis, they aren't a food bank as such. They are making meals ready to eat and volunteers deliver them to the doors the people who can't leave to access a food bank, free of charge.

The recipients include Covid-19 sufferers and their families, isolated, vulnerable, ill and elderly people, people who have carers and home helps and families that are destitute until universal credit comes through.

Melling Volunteers set up a crowdfund to raise funds to buy fresh foods and bulk items. They also connected with Feedback, our charity partner, and so we're really happy to be able to support the incredible work they are doing.

A Toast to all the Melling Volunteers.