Eden Project's National Wildflower Centre

24th November 2023

National Wildflower Centre

We're proud to be supporting the Eden Project with our new taster gift box.

Eden Project is an Educational Charity with a global mission to ‘create a movement that builds relationships between people and the natural world to demonstrate the power of working together for the benefit of all living things.’

Laura English, Eden's Partnership Manager said "We want to work together to protect, repair and respect the
national world, so pairing with Toast on the launch of their brand new 4 pack of beers was an excellent and unmissable opportunity".

The annual wildflower seeds packet included in the box have been grown and harvested in Cornwall by the National Wildflower Centre. Part of the Eden Project, the National Wildflower Centre (NWC) uses wildflowers to bring biodiversity, delight and colour into the lives of communities across the UK.  

 You don’t need to have access to large green areas to inject some nature in to your life. With a little bit of soil and the seeds from this packet, you can turn the packaging into a small but beautiful planter. Simply close up the box, cut out the top panel, and fill with soil.

Sow your wildflower seeds in the Spring (March to May) by gently pressing into the soil and covering very thinly with soil. Make sure to mark it in your diary! Autumn (Sep/Oct) is the main seed sowing window for annual and perennial wildflower seeds but Spring is fine too.

If you find you have leftover seeds, why not share them with your community or your neighbours so
you can each plant a little pot and put them out for all to see.

Arrange a get together with your neighbours by inviting people to share compost and containers, and connect with those around you to have a planting session.

The best part is that you can watch the flowers flourish and grow together.

We love wildflowers because they:

  • Connect people with the natural world
  • Enable individuals and communities to actively increase biodiversity
  • Transform underused spaces into vibrant living landscapes
  • Help pollinators that are currently under threat
  • Contribute to pride of place
  • Provide opportunities to learn about nature and biodiversity 

Whether you choose to sow or share, we’d love to know how you use your seeds! Find us at @edencommunities  and @toastale on Facebook, X and Instagram.

To discover more ways to grow connections in your community, visit edenprojectcommunities.com

You can find out more about the National Wildflower Centre and how to sow your wildflower seeds at 
National Wildflower Centre. You'll also fine a link  to ‘How to create a wildflower meadow in your garden’.

Enjoy planting, over a beer!




All image copyright: National Wildflower Centre