9th May 2023

No Mow May


Tap Takeover! Join us at our taproom - Good Company (17 - 19 Triton St, NW1 3BF) on Thursday 25th May from 5pm, to enjoy a fresh pint of this delicious No Mow May beer.


We’re excited to share our latest collaboration - a limited edition beer brewed with St Austell Brewery in support of Plantlife's No Mow May campaign.

Now Mow May (4.5% ABV) is fresh and fruity Golden Ale. It’s crafted with UK Harlequin and Jester hops on a light base of Cornish Maris Otter barley and our signature surplus bakery bread. 

Our head brewer Stuart and Bread of Operations Tom, travelled to Cornwall for the brew day in April. Stuart worked with St Austell head brewer, Georgina Young, to develop the recipe. The team then used the HL pilot kit to brew the beer, replacing 13% of the malt with surplus bread crumb.

Tom’s highlight of the day was the transfer of the sweet wort to the fermenting vessel, via the hop back. Packed with whole leaf Jester and Harlequin hops, it has imparted the beer with really beautiful delicate hop aromas. 

This is our second collaboration with St Austell, having brewed a Pale Ale Small Batch Brew with them (and surplus bread from the Eden Project) in 2016. We’ve loved working with them again, and all for a great cause.

For every pint sold, 15p will be donated to Plantlife, the wild plant and fungi conservation charity.  

If you’ve been watching David Attenborough’s latest series “Wild Isles”, you’ll know that in the UK we’ve lost nearly 97% of our flower rich meadows since the 1970’s. Plantlife is working to protect and restore them.

If you have a garden, you can do your bit … by doing nothing! Leave the mower in the shed (or just mow a path through it rather than your whole lawn). The long grass and wildflowers will benefit wildlife, and help to tackle pollution.

There are over 20 million gardens in the UK, so even the smallest grassy patches add up to a big proportion of the land. Sign up here.

The ‘No Mow May’ ale will be available on cask from 11th May across the West Country while stocks last.  We’d love to see pics of you enjoying it in your local beer gardens - tag us @toastale.

It will also be available exclusively in London at our Good Company taproom bar at the end of May. We’ll be holding a special event on 25th May so come join us for a cheeky pint. 

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