Non-Executive Director kneaded!

22nd August 2016

Non-Executive Director kneaded!

Are you an experienced brewer with a good mind for business? Use your expertise to fix our broken food system!

We are seeking a committed and entrepreneurial Non-­Executive Director to join our social enterprise start-up and act as our ambassador and expert advisor on quality, taste and product strategy. You will be working with Tristram Stuart, our founder and our London based team (although you don’t need to be in the office).

Toast Ale partners with craft brewers across the UK to make delicious beer with surplus fresh bread because:

● Almost half the bread produced in the UK is not consumed
● Billions of tonnes of greenhouse gases are generated in growing, baking, packaging and transporting bread, not to mention the waste or resources growing food that is never eaten
● At the same time, over 1 billion people worldwide go hungry

Our mission is to prove that the solution to food waste is delicious by:

● brewing with surplus bread in place of barley (approx 1:3) to directly tackle bread waste
● raising awareness of food waste with beer drinkers and home brewers by offering a fun, easy and positive step that everyone can take to ‘do their bit’
● donate all profits to the charity Feedback, who campaign globally to reduce food waste and develop innovative solutions to redistribute surplus food

We are ambitious in our plans both nationally and internationally, as scaling as a profitable business means we can use more surplus and give more to charity. But we know that our success depends on consistently great beer.

The right candidate will:

● form a close working relationship with the founder and the team
● be the voice of product quality, taste, recipe refinement and innovation
● be expert in the technicalities of brewing and passionate about great beer, ideally with experience as a master brewer
● drive the production strategy, recommending the best brewers with whom to collaborate
● help adapt the recipe across different brew kits and with different ingredients, based on extensive past experience
● help develop new recipes as we extend the range
● act as an ambassador and spokesperson for the social business
● display genuine interest in solving the issue of food waste
● be in a position to commit 2 to 4 days a month across a number of locations

If that sounds like something up your street, get in touch with