Raise a Toast to planet Earth

15th November 2023

Rebrand 2023

In 2015, we set up Toast to stop food waste - our way of helping to save nature.

It's been an epic journey. We've taken direct action by brewing with surplus bread, turning leftover loaves into liquid gold. We've brewed almost 3.5 million slices. If stacked that up, that'd reach 5 times the height of Mount Everest!

We've also donated over £100,000 to environmental charities and used our platforms to influence others by celebrating solutions whilst advocating for big change.

Now we have a fresh new look that better tells our story.

We've spent 2023 working on a new visual identity for Toast that speaks to the quality of our beers, the action we're taking and our driving (life)force.

Four big changes:

BEER.  We’re now Toast Brewing (Toast Ale step aside and make room for the Lagers!)

BREAD.  We’ve championed our core USP of turning surplus bread into liquid gold with a new bready logo.

ACTIVISM. Each beer has its own identity, with names championing action for the big systemic change needed. Rise Up. New Dawn. Grassroots. Changing Tides

FOR NATURE. We’re brought nature front and centre in desirable illustrations that show off our arable land, our forests, our grasslands and our seas.



But why is food waste such a big deal?

Our food is nature.

It's the land, rains and energy from the sun (and some clever yeasts). It's also the people that produce it - from planting the seed to getting it to our plates.

But our industrial food system has a massive impact on the planet. It’s the biggest culprit behind deforestation, soil loss and fresh water use, and is responsible for a third of greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

Yet one-third of all food is wasted - a huge waste of the natural resources that go into producing it.

The UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world. And we believe tackling food waste can help to change this.

The people at Project Drawdown say reducing food waste is the most important climate solution. We also know it’s the fairest, fastest and funnest way we can all do our bit to protect Mother Nature.

What is Toast doing?

As we launch our fresh new look celebrating our natural world, we’ve refocussing our work to protect nature.

Beyond our beers and our commitment to funding charitable action for nature, we'll be building on what we can do better across three main areas:

1. Empowering citizens.

People are increasingly disconnected from the food system, with fewer and fewer people involved in producing food. If we can't see the journey our food has been on, it's too easy to forget that food is nature.

We want to reconnect people with nature through the food we love.

We’ll be telling the story of our food and championing those who are working with nature to produce it. We want to help to join the dots between the simple actions we can all take to reduce waste and the positive impact we will have on nature.

2. Supporting businesses. 

We’re championing circular business models that uproot our take and waste economy. 

We’ll be supporting businesses that are acting on food waste in their own operations, in their supply chains and helping their customers, or, like us, helping others to reduce waste by using surplus.

In particular, we’re calling for food businesses to work with us as Companions.

3. Pressuring government 

Policy changes have the potential to incentivise farming in harmony with nature, make more space for nature and prevent waste.

We need the government to take food waste and environmental action seriously. They must create an environment that encourages action and sets a level playing field for proactive businesses.

We are currently supporting Feedback’s legal challenge to the government’s decision not to enforce mandatory reporting of food waste (please help if you can too).

And there'll be more to come...

For now, we're raising a Toast to planet Earth!