Social Saturday

9th October 2018

Social Saturday

This week heralds the start of Social Saturday, a celebration of Social Enterprises in the UK who are looking to use business to create a more equal society. The week-long series of events champions the businesses, products and people who are looking to exact change – we’re immensely proud to be included.

The first Social Saturday started in 2014, launched with government backing to help consumers, businesses, public bodies and MP’s engage and shout about the benefits of buying social. As a direct result, public awareness of social enterprise has increased from 37% – 51%: more and more people are being empowered to make ethical decisions.

It is run by Social Enterprise UK, the UK body driving what they call “A Hidden Revolution” of UK businesses that are improving the nation’s social fabric through innovative solutions to some pretty challenging problems. It’s a community of 100,000 businesses, employing 2 million people and generating £60bn to UK GDP – less hidden revolution, more social justice juggernaut.

Social Saturday represents just one strand of their work, the organisation runs a huge number of political engagement programmes, as well as corporate and consumer facing campaigns.

One such consumer campaign is Buy Social. Buy Social signposts the products and services that can actually make a difference. It empowers customers to make ethical purchases when they are spending their money – acting as a clear marker to guide people through complicated marketing stories. From food and drink to fitness and homeware, Buy Social spans multiple industries.

Armed with this knowledge, customers can make purchases that look to tackle everything from gender inequality to climate change – a huge range of social challenges that business is focusing its attention to solve.

Here at Toast, we couldn’t loaf the work of Social Enterprise UK more. That’s why we’re going to be very busy this week. You’ll be able to find us across a number of Social Saturday events up and down the country:

  • On Tuesday 9th October we will be at Borough Market in London, sampling the full range of beers.
  • On Saturday 13th October students can find us at the Leeds University Union to learn more about Toast Ale and sign up to be part of our rev-ale-lution.
  • That Saturday 13th October we’ll also be at Social Saturday Showcase in Covent Garden, running some in depth sampling and competitions.

We firmly believe that to change the world, you need to throw a better than those destroying it. By being part of programmes such as Buy Social and Social Saturday, we can help customers change the world by making more informed decisions and buying products that actually make a difference.