The Gleaners Cafe

5th May 2020

The Gleaners Cafe

Our Meal Deal has now funded over 25,000 meals for people in need during the COVID-19 crisis.

That's a huge milestone. And it's making a difference to so many people's lives.

Thank you!

By buying beer from our online shop, you're helping us to support community feeding groups. Working with our charity partner Feedback, we're using the funds to purchase ingredients and packaging to create delicious, nutritious meals and deliver them to people who can't get out at the moment.

Our latest partnership is with The Gleaners Cafe.

Based at The Hornbeam Centre in Walthamstow, London, the Gleaners Cafe is currently running as a food distribution centre. That means they take donations of surplus foods from charities like City Harvest London, and get the food to people who need it.

The food is coming from supermarkets and supply chains that have ended up with more than they can sell. It would be a scandal to waste food when so many people don't have any, so organisations like The Gleaners Cafe use it to create meals and food parcels.

They were able to respond quickly to the Covid-19 pandemic because the Hornbeam was already running important projects prior to Covid-19.

The Food Rescue Project moves 500kg of surplus food a week redirecting it from landfill to be redistributed.

Good Deeds on Bikes

Good Deeds on Bikes is an award-winning cycling volunteering project that delivers food.


The Gleaners cafe is usually a 'Pay As You Feel Café' cooking nutritious meals from the food that is rescued.

About 80% of the food used for meals and food parcels is from surplus.

So they are preventing food waste, which is a big environmental problem, whilst feeding people. Fixing the food system so does what's on the tin - to feed people.

Our funding means they can purchase the additional ingredients needed and package the cooked meals in compostable containers.

Volunteers then deliver the meals to local people who need them. Due to an incredible response by the local community, they have reached capacity and paused recruitment (but watch this space if you're local and want to get involved).

We're really happy to be working with this brilliant organisation. A Toast to The Gleaners Cafe and The Hornbeam.

And thank you for buying beer to support their work.

If you haven't had a chance to stock up on our beer, now's your chance to fill your fridge and someone's belly. We've offering free delivery on all cases of beer as part of our Meal Deal.

Whether your a Lager lover or an ale aficionado, you can enjoy a pint knowing you're helping people AND the planet.