Toast x Brakspear

26th September 2018

Toast x Brakspear

Brakspear is a long standing brewery in the heart of Oxfordshire. Established over 200 years ago, the beer has become famous in Henley and surrounding areas. They also have a small chain of pubs, which though modern are dedicated to keeping real ale alive in England, from the Cotswolds to Brighton.

We’re delighted to have worked with Brakspears to create ‘Henley-on-Toast’.Served as a cask ale, the beer blends our modern craft approach to brewing with bread with Brakspear’s extensive experience brewing traditional ales. It’s a 4.1% brown ale with tart bitterness and citrus hints, meaning it is a lot more flavoursome than your classic English ale.

Staying true to the Oxfordshire roots of this new beer, we sourced fantastic local surplus bread from ‘Lawlors the Bakers’ in Henley. The bakery is beloved by the local community for its fantastic bloomers and crusty bread treats.

You can find our beer in several of they’re 130 pubs, including the Bull on Bell Street in Henley. Proceeds for this brew will go to Feedback, our partner charity who campaign for a better food system. We’ll raise a Henley-on-Toast to that!