Toast X Hiver Beers

26th September 2018

Toast X Hiver Beers

We’re excited to launch our newest collaboration Honey on Toast, an Imperial Honey Kvass brewed using local London honey and surplus bread that would otherwise have gone to waste. 


This beer is brewed in collaboration with Hiver, a brewery we’ve been excited to work for ages. Hiver was created by Hannah Rhodes, in 2013. She’d spent a lot of her working life in the beer industry and when she discovered urban beekeeping, the idea for honey beer was born. There are synergies with the brewing industry throughout beekeeping: beekeepers say that good quality honey should not be pasteurised, the same way that brewers talk about good quality beer.


The business is underpinned by their ethical values. They source raw honey from independent urban beekeepers, and all other ingredients are 100% British. As bees forage in a three mile radius to the hive, the honey used byHiver are as varied and unique as the malted barley and hops selected during the recipe development stage. Urban beekeeping is a large movement, sparked because bees are becoming increasingly threatened with the removal of habitats and use of bee-harming chemicals. Hiver donates 10% of profits to pollinator charities and supports wildflower planting days run by organisations like the London Beekeepers Association.


All profits made from this collaboration beer will go to the London Beekeepers Association.


The collab beer is a 4% Imperial Kvass brewed with surplus bread from Today Bread and St John’s Bakery, both members of the Real Bread Campaign. Today Bread is an organic bakery based in Walthamstow who we’ve worked with in the past (they also produced a beer bread with a test batch of one of our first brews, so named “Circle of Loaf”). St John’s Bakery is based in St. Neals Yard, and their bread is made traditionally ensuring the highest quality. This is the first time that Toast have used their bread in a brew, and we genuinely can’t wait to try it.


The beer will be launched for Urban Food Fortnight: a celebration of produce that is grown, made and cooked locally. The huge two week event is ran by London Food Link, an umbrella network that celebrates food that is grown ethically – from both human and animal welfare perspectives, and we’re super proud to have produced a beer specially for it. For an exclusive taste, grab a ticket here.