Toast X Plantlife

30th April 2024

Toast X Plantlife

One-third of all food is wasted - a huge waste of the natural resources that go into producing it. And all our food is nature, so when we’re wasting food, we’re also wasting nature. 

The UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world, so tackling food waste can help to change this. We believe it’s the fairest, fastest (and funnest) way we can all do our bit to protect Mother Nature. And why we brew our delicious beers using surplus bread.

But that’s not all…we’re all about funding charitable action for nature too. So this spring and into summer we’re supporting an amazing conservation charity - Plantlife who’re committed to securing a future abundant with wild plants and fungi. As the shocking fact is, we’ve lost approximately 97% of flower-rich meadows since the 1930’s and with them gone are vital food sources, needed by our bees and butterflies.

We can all do our bit by being part of #NoMowMay. Just put down the mower and pick up a pint! Everyone with a garden (no matter how small) can join in… by doing… absolutely nothing. So let the grass grow under your feet. And the lovely long lawn and wildflowers will benefit wildlife, and help to tackle pollution. And make sure you sign up your green space at

Then, just make sure you let us know about it and we’ll be rewarding some lucky plant-lovers with beer.  We want to know when you swerved the mower (and raised a Toast instead!) Just send us snaps of your luscious lawn and the wildlife enjoying a party. Maybe spot your neighbour heading to the shed and take them to the pub instead, then send us a selfie of you down the local. Drop us a line at or tag us in @toast.brewing and use #NoMowMay. We really want to see those pictures!

Throughout No Mow May and Let It Bloom June, we're donating £5 per order via our website to Plantlife. And if you pick up one of our Taster Gift Boxes you’ll get an annual wildflower seeds packet included in the box. These special seeds have been grown and harvested in Cornwall by the National Wildflower Centre. Now is the perfect time to sow them, so grab a beer and get planting.

We'll also be donating £1 per pint via a special brew coming in June from our microbrewery, it's going to be Bloomin' Juicy!