13th June 2023

World Refill Day

To mark World Refill Day we're launching a refillable growler service from our London taproom - Good Company. Helping people to reduce their environmental footprint and the packaging they use by filling up one of our glass growlers with delicious beer! And what's more you can enjoy a FREE* pint with your first top up. 

Choosing beer from cask or kegs is the most environmentally friendly option. It reduces the need for single-use packaging – either cans or bottles – which also dramatically reduces the carbon footprint of the beer. Around 40% of the greenhouse gases involved in beer’s life-cycle is from its packaging and it is estimated that steel kegged beer has a carbon footprint just one ninth of that of beer packaged in single-use glass bottles.

We're also working to reduce our packaging impact by transitioning away from single-use glass bottles for our core range of beers to focus on cans. Our most recent Impact Report reveals that cans have less than half the carbon footprint of bottles due to reasons including recycling rates, lower weight and breakage levels. 

We're thrilled to announce this long-awaited scheme, helping people enjoy a cheeky pint without packaging waste. We are always looking at ways to support our community to drink more sustainably and this is a great option for those wanting to take away our draught beer to enjoy at home or in the park this summer.

The offer comes on World Refill Day, a Global Day of Action, run by the not-for-profit City to Sea, who work to prevent plastic pollution and help people live with less waste. The campaign is designed to create an alternative vision of the future and accelerate the transition away from single-use plastic and towards refill & reuse systems. City to Sea’s free Refill app lists more than 45,000 locations across the UK where Brits can fill up with free drinking water, find plastic-free shopping options or save on hot drinks and food to go when they bring their reusables. 

*About the offer: A £5 deposit is required for the growler (refundable when returned), which holds 3.3 pints. For the Introductory offer at Good Company, customers pay the equivalent of 2 pints to get the growler filled (£12 for 3.3 pints). This offer is only available from Good Company, 17-19 Triton Street, London NW1 3BF. 

If you can't get to our Taproom, you can always reduce your carbon footprint by ordering cans instead of bottles.