Is Toast vegan?

Yes. The bread we use does not contain any animal products, and we use vegan finings to filter and stabilise our beer (many beers use Isinglass, a product made from the gall bladders of fish).

Can I buy beer outside of the UK?

Our core operations are based in the South-East and we sell UK-wide via our webshop and retailers, pubs, bars and restaurants. We do not export our beers for environmental reasons. 

We regularly brew collaboration beers with breweries all over the world. Those limited edition beer releasess use local sources of surplus bread and support local charities, and are sold within local markets.

Can I buy beer as a gift from the online shop?

Absolutely! You'll just need to confirm that the recipient is over 18 years old.

When you check out, there is an option to add a gift card and include a personalised message.

You can also download a PDF postcard.

If you're not sure which beer to gift, you can purchase gift vouchers.


Can I bulk buy cases to different addresses?

if you would like to place an order for more than 2 different addresses and we can help. Get in touch with us at onlinesales@toastbrewing.com 

If you're purchasing as team gifts, we can also visit your workplace (or meet on Zoom) to run a beer tasting masterclass for you. Contact wholesale@toastbrewing.com for more information.

Which charities does Toast support?

100% of our distributable profits (or 1% of revenue, whichever is greater) go to charities fixing the food system to magnify our impact. This means we don't pay dividends to our shareholders but to our charitable partners.

We have supported Feedback (www.feedbackglobal.org) who work with governments, businesses and civil society to catalyse change in social attitudes and demonstrate innovative solutions to tackle food waste and wider food industry issues. We've also worked with Rainforest Trust UK, Soil Heroes Foundation and various food redistribution groups such as Food For All and Alchemic Kitchen.

We collaborate with breweries all over the world and support local charities with a proportion of revenue from each beer. Check out our collaboration beer posts in the blog for more info on the charity beneficiary of each.

What is Toast's carbon footprint? (and where can I find Toast's impact reports?)

Our full lifecycle carbon footprint for 2023 was 250 tCO2e. You can read more in our latest impact report:

2023 Impact Report

2022 Impact Report

2021 Impact Report

2020 Impact Report

2019 Impact Report

The biggest source of emissions are packaging.

We want more people to enjoy a cheeky pint! Our draught beer has no single-use packaging as we only pack into reusable steel kegs (many breweries use Key Kegs which are made of single-use plastic and rarely recycled). We're building up the number of places you can buy beer on draught. Including launching our own taproom cafe in 2023! We collaborated with Change Please to open Good Company and introduced a growler scheme on World Refill Day. 

However, like many breweries we are mostly reliant on single-use, fully recyclable aluminium cans and glass bottles. In 2021 we looked at the carbon footprint of bottles v cans and found that bottles have more than double to associated emissions. So choosing cans significantly reduces the impact of the beer you enjoy and that's why we no longer sell them on our webshop. 

What action is Toast taking to reduce its footprint?

We have committed to Net Zero by 2030. Our emissions (scope 1 & 2) are only a small amount of the total emissions associated with our business - brewing, packing and distributing our beer (our Scope 3 emissions) represent most of our footprint. So we're working with partners to measure and reduce emissions.

Read our environmental policy.


Do you purchase renewable energy?

Our office is based at our taproom: Good Company. It's part of a British Land complex and is 100% renewable energy (through purchase contracts).

We produce our beer under contract with established brewery partners, SEB Brewing in Broadstairs, Kent. SEB's landlord is in the process of getting planning approval to install solar across all the units on the industrial estate.

Are the labels recyclable?

We now use printed cans so have eliminated labels.

For bottles, the labels are made with Polypropylene (PP) plastic. This is typical in the drinks industry because paper labels are easily damaged in wet bottling and canning lines, and by condensation caused by moving between ambient and chilled environments.

If the labels are removed, they can be recycled if your local council will recycle PP.

If they're not removed from the bottles, they're extracted at the waste processing site when the bottle is crushed, though some shards of the broken glass may be lost if label remains stuck to it.

Where is Toast brewed?

We work in partnership with exceptional breweries, using their brewery but under our own license and using our own ingredients and recipes, and brewed by our in-house brewer, Stuart.

In the UK, our beers are brewed at Curious in Ashford, Kent.

We've previously worked with SEB in Kent, Hepworth Brewery in Sussex, Wold Top Brewery and Hambleton Ales in Yorkshire, and with Hackney Brewery in London. Each time we've moved, it's been to allow us to scale up production.

We work in collaboration with other breweries all over the world, including regular collabs in the US and the Netherlands. These collaborations often result in limited edition beer releases.

How is bread used in brewing?

We use surplus fresh bread to replace 25% of the malted barley in our grain bill. Bread is packed with starches, which are broken down to simple sugars by enzymes (Amylase) in the malted barley.

We still use some malt because it contains trace minerals that balance the pH in the process and micro nutrients which are important for the yeast, and its physical attributes such as the husk also help to prevent a stuck mash. It also has a unique flavour profile which is important for the finished beer.

Hops are added for aroma and bitterness, and to help preserve the beer, then yeast converts the sugars to alcohol during fermentation.

All bread must:

- Be genuine surplus and within life
- Be sliced, dried and crumbed 
- Have known ingredients and allergens
- Have no seeds, nuts, fruits or veg. These would affect flavour, and the fats would diminish the head of the beer.
- Be delivered in sealed containers.
- Be fully traceable. Brewers donate spent grain to livestock and we need documentation to prove the bread has been segregated from meat and dairy.

We monitor the amount of bread we have rescued - check out the impact metrics under 'Our Story'.

What types of bread can be used to produce beer?

We use fresh sandwich bread because there is so much readily available and the sugars are easily accessible for fermentation. Most breads will work though, just avoid anything oily such as focaccia or anything that contains fruit or other ingredients like olives (unless you want to incorporate into the taste of the beer).

We use the heel end of loaves that would usually be discarded by the sandwich industry and whole surplus loaves. We pay for the surplus, though at a lower cost than the finished bread. For the bakery it avoids a waste cost but there are still costs for them in complying with our traceability and food safety requirements.

Why is bread wasted?

Bread is a hugely popular staple, but also tops the list of most wasted food items in the UK with up to 44% never eaten. We waste lots in our homes – 20 million slices of bread every day – because we buy too much. But huge amounts are wasted in the supply chain before it even reaches our bread bins. 

Sandwich factories discard the loaf heels as it isn't used to make sandwiches. Bakeries overproduce to ensure they can meet demand (which is as unpredictable as the weather). Supermarkets want fully stocked shelves and replace edible bread on a daily basis. Bread's also wasted in by the hospitality industry in the from of uneaten bread baskets, hotel breakfast buffets etc. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as baking less bread. We need to change our expectations for abundant supplies of day-fresh bread. 

What can be done to stop food waste?

Food production is the biggest impact that we have on the environment – it uses huge amounts of land, water and energy. But one-third of food is wasted – 1.3 billion tonnes every year.

Meanwhile there is increasing demand for agricultural land to grow more crops for food and animal feed. This is driving changes in the way land is used, from forests that act as carbon sinks to intensively farmed monocultures that pollute soils, water bodies and the air.

Food waste accounts for 3.3Gt CO2e (the 3rd top emitter after USA and China), has a blue water footprint of 250 km3 (3 times the volume of Lake Geneva) and a land use footprint of 1.4bn hectares (28% of worlds agricultural land area). In the UK, we waste about 15 million tons of food, with bread being the worst offender. Nearly half (44%) of bread produced in the UK is thrown away. We’re trashing the planet to produce food that no-one eats.

What can we do?

Reduce surplus. We should produce only what we need and eat everything we produce.  All our profits go to Feedback to fix the reasons that the doesn’t happen. We also support the Real Bread Campaign’s initiative to tackle overproduction in bakeries.

Redistribute surplus. Food should feed people. Many supermarkets have partnerships with charities who get surplus food to those in need. You can support one of these brilliant organisations here. With bread, there is too much surplus for charities. It’s perishable and bulky, so storage is a problem. But it can be a valuable ingredient in the circular economy – it’s a great replacement for the grains typically used to make beer!

Feed surplus to animals. Instead of importing crops grown for animal feed – often from fragile ecosystems subject to deforestation – food that can’t feed people should feed animals. Spent grain from brewing beer makes great animal feed.

Compost. Replenish the soils with waste food to keep them healthy and fertile. Anaerobic digestion is another option, but it’s inefficient to convert the resources used to produce food into soil and energy.

Food should never go to landfill. Without oxygen, food can take many years to decompose and releases methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change.

How can I reduce food waste at home?

Whether you're wanting to start a journey to zero waste lifestyle or just make a couple of changes to save a few pennies, there are plenty of things you can do. Here's a few of our favourite ideas:

  • Check what you've got before you go shopping. Having a list of the stuff you really need will also speed up your shop and reduce impulse buys.
  • Trust your senses when it comes to date labels. "Use by" dates are for food safety, though your nose will tell you if milk has soured. "Best before" dates are just an indicator of quality, but your eyes are a better judge of whether the potatoes are past.
  • Store foods properly to keep them fresher for longer. Think of salads like cut flowers, putting their stalks in water in the fridge. Don't keep bread in the fridge though - that's a fast route to staling.
  • Preserve foods you're not going to enjoy while fresh. Loads of food can be frozen, from soups and stews to chopped herbs in olive oil for cooking later. Or get down with jams, chutneys and pickles.
  • If you have unavoidable food waste like egg shells, tea bags or banana skins, use your compost bin so it can be turned into valuable nutrients for the soil. Food in landfill takes years to break down whilst emitting methane.

There are tons of chefs and bloggers sharing tips on social media. Check them out!

What's Toast's Mission Statement?

Our mission is to brew great beers and spread big ideas that can change the world. We want to lead a brewing movement to eliminate bread waste and fix the food system.

Our vision is a beer with more taste and a world without waste.

How did Toast start?

The idea behind Toast was sparked in 2015. Toastmaster Tristram Stuart, a campaigner on the environmental and social impacts of food production, met the brewers behind the Brussels Beer Project. They'd used bread in their 'Babylone' beer, a nod to beer's origins of being brewed with bread. With bread wasted at a colossal scale (13,000 slices per day from a single sandwich factory), here was a circular economy solution to reduce waste, engage drinkers and raise funds for charity.

Louisa (our COO) and Tristram set up the company, launched the operations and created the Toast brand. They appointed the founding team - Rob (initially an adviser, but then our first employee and CEO) and David (our Commercial Director).

Our founding principles are:

  1. To produce great-tasting beer, that
  2. eliminates bread waste directly through brewing and
  3. raises awareness of the problem of, and solutions to, food waste whilst
  4. creating profits, which all go to charities to change the systemic causes of food waste.

We brewed our first batch with Hackney Brewery using leftover loaves from London bakeries and formally launched in 22 January 2016 (coinciding with featuring on Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty’s Friday Night Feast).

Who has Toast collaborated with?

We have partnered with many amazing brewers and bakers, sometimes to create limited editon beer releases. Here's to all our partners so far. Get in touch if you want to help saving the world by brewing a beer with fresh surplus bread!


Beer Location Brewery Bakery Charity
Pale Ale Bristol King St Brew House Real Wrap Co & Hobbs House Bakery Feedback
Bread Pudding Bristol Wiper & True Real Wrap Co Feedback
Pale Ale Bristol King St Brew House #2 Real Wrap Co Feedback
Pale Ale The City, London Essex St Brewhouse Flour Station Feedback
Small Batch Brew Cornwall St Austell Eden Project Feedback
Pale Ale The City, London Essex St Brewhouse #2 Flour Station & Adelie Feedback
Unnamed The City, London Essex St Brewhouse #3 Flour Station Feedback
Brown Toast The City, London Essex St Brewhouse #4 Flour Station Feedback
TOAST Nottinghamshire Lincoln Green Veris Bakery Feedback
Toast Wit' Orange Brighton Franklins (Optimist Beer Co.) Bagelman Feedback
Spiced Weiss The City, London Essex St Brewhouse #5 Flour Station Feedback
Choc Chip Cooke Dough The City, London Essex St Brewhouse #6 Flour Station Feedback
English Amber The City, London Essex St Brewhouse #7 Flour Station Feedback
Don't You Baguette About Me The City, London Long Arm Flour Station Feedback
NEIPA The City, London Essex St Brewhouse #8 EAT Feedback
Bread Dependence Day / Barack O Breadstick The City, London Long Arm #2 Flour Station Feedback
Crust Academy Herne Hill, LON Craft Academy Blackbird Bakery, Dough Feedback
TBC Bermondsey, LON Hiver Beers Today Bread & St John's Bakery Urban Beekeepers Assoc
Henley-on-Toast Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire Brakspear's Brewery (Bell St.) Lawlor's The Bakers Feedback
Melba Gloucestershire Stroud Brewery Hobb's House Stroud District Food Bank
WasteD Birmingham Craddocks Brewery Adelie Real Junk Food Project - Birmingham
WasteD Birmingham Craddocks Brewery #2 Adelie Real Junk Food Project - Birmingham
WasteD Birmingham Craddocks Brewery #3 Adelie Real Junk Food Project - Birmingham
GFP - Gluten For Punishment Tottenham, LON Hale Brewery Today Bread Feedback
Aran Hertfordshire Mad Squirrel Brewery Adelie Dacorum Food Bank
Coffee Milk Porter Temple, LON Essex St Brewery #9 Flour Station Feedback
Toasted Marshmallow Porter Temple, LON Essex St Brewery + Framework Flour Station no donation!
Stottie Hartlepool Camerons Brewery Adelie Feedback
Beans on Toast Leeds Nomadic Brewing Bluebird Bakery & Leeds Bread Coop Feedback
Samsara Leyton Nirvana Brewery (TEST BATCH) Celtic Bakers n/a
WasteD Birmingham Craddocks Brewery Adelie Real Junk Food Project - Birmingham
WasteD Birmingham Craddocks Brewery #5 Adelie RJFP Birmingham
Baltic Porter Various, brewed in Southbourne Brewhouse & Kitchen Adelie Feedback
Proven IPA Herne Hill The Florence / Greene King Blackbird Bakery Feedback
Toast and Marmalade Windsor & Eton Windsor & Eton Brewery Celtic Bakers Plastic Free Windsor
28 Days Oxford Tap Social Movement Adelie, Oxford food Bank, Lawlor's & Burger's Oxford Food Bank
Bread Pudding Bristol Wiper & True Hobbs House Bakery Bristol Jam Plan
Flour Power Gloucs / Clapham Stroud x Friends of the Earth Hobbs House Bakery Friends of the Earth
Pebble Manchester Beer Nouveau x JZ x Pebble Fest Manchester Bread Factory Trussel Food Trust
WasteD Birmingham Craddocks Brewery #6 Adelie RJFP Birmingham
Voodoo Melbourne 2 Brothers Brew Co.    
Jam on Toast Brussels Brussels Beer Project Atelier Groot Eiland Atelier Groot Eiland
WasteD Birmingham Craddocks Brewery #7 Adelie RJFP Birmingham
WLS034 London SE17 Orbit x NBS National Bakery School Pecan (part of Southwark Food Bank)
Elemental Bermondsey Tate Modern x Fourpure Flour Station Feedback
Peach State Bermondsey Fourpure Flour Station n/a
Toast & Marmalde Windsor Windsor & Eton Flour Station n/a
Rise Again Southampton Unity Brew Co Hoxton Bakehouse Fare Share Southampton
WasteD Birmingham Craddocks Brewery #8 Adelie RJFP Birmingham
WasteD Birmingham Craddocks Brewery #9 Adelie RJFP Birmingham
Amaryello Cardiff Zerodegrees Riverside Sourdough (Cardiff) Cardiff Food Bank
Bread Pudding Bristol Wiper & True Adelie Bristol Jam Plan
Beans on Toast Leeds Nomadic Beers Bluebird Bakery & Leeds Bread Coop Feedback
Jam Sandwich (TBC) Windsor World Bread Awards x WEBREW World Bread Awards Action Against Hunger
Dubbel, Dubbel, Toil and Trouble London Brew Dog (Tower Hill) National Bakery School Hubbub
WasteD Birmingham Craddocks Brewery #10 Adelie RJFP Birmingham
People & Planet Bodegraven, Netherlands De Molen x Picnic Fuite Bakkerij Taste Before You Waste
WasteD Birmingham Craddocks Brewery #11 Adelie RJFP Birmingham

What awards has Toast won?


Organisation Year Award
Beer & Cider Marketing Awards 2017 Best Innovation
Beer & Cider Marketing Awards 2021 Silver - Best CSR Initiative
British Small Business Awards 2018 Innovator (disruptor) of the year
Carlsberg Crafted 2017  Your Beer, Here? winner
Edie Sustainability Leaders Awards 2020 SME of the year
Escape 100 2019 Top 100 companies to escape to (#2)
Escape 100 2020 Top 100 companies to escape to (#7)
Escape 100 2021 Top 100 companies to escape to (#14)
Escape 100 2022 Top 100 companies to escape to (#14)
FoodBev World Food Innovation Awards 2016 Best New Beverage Concept
Food Talk awards 2017 It’s All in the Taste Award + People’s Choice Award
Footprint Drinks Sustainability Awards 2019 Sustainable Use of Raw Materials
Global Good Awards 2018 Best Eco Focussed Sustainable Enterprise
Greater London Enterprise Awards 2018 Best Non-Profit Food & Beverage Business 2018
Best Food & Beverage Social Enterprise 2018
Food Waste Reduction Product of the Year: Purebred Pale Ale
Great Taste Awards 2018 Great Taste ** – Lager
Great Taste ** – Pale Ale
Great Taste *  – Session IPA
Great Taste Awards 2019 Great Taste *  – American Pale Ale
Great Taste Awards 2021 Great Taste * – American Pale Ale
IGD 2017 Sustainable Futures Award
International Beer Challenge 2016 Gold award: Packaging & Design;
Special award: Best Innovative Concept
International Beer Challenge 2017 Silver Tasting Award: Session IPA
International Beer Challenge 2018 Bronze Tasting award: Lager
International Beer Challenge 2019 Silver: American Pale Ale
International Beer Challenge 2023 Bronze: Craft Lager
Keg Champion Awards 2023 Small Brewery Category
London Beer Competition 2021

SIPA, Lager and APA - silver, Pale Ale - bronze

London Beer Competition 2024

Rise Up Lager - bronze

National Recycling Awards 2018 Food Waste Initiative
Recycled Product of the Year
Quality Food Awards 2018 Small Producer Quality Food – Alcoholic Drinks
Bronze: Beer – Golden Ale
Queen's Award For Enterprise 2021 Sustainable Development
Renewable Energy Association 2019 Sustainability
SE100 (Pioneers Post & Natwest) 2021 Climate Champion
The Drinks Business – Global Masters 2018 Silver: Pale Ale
Bronze: American Pale Ale
Bronze: Session IPA
Waitrose 2018 Waitrose Best Branded Supplier
Waste2Zero 2018

Best recycled/upcycled product

Are other breweries using bread?

We want to inspire change by getting more breweries to use surplus fresh bread. Here's to all the breweries who have been inspired to brew their own bread beers.

Update: there are lots now and so this list is not up to date! Here's to a fast growing movement of circular economy brewing!


Brewery Beer Date of launch Description
Northern Monk (TRJFP) Wasted Pear Farmhouse Ale June 2016 Wasted Pear Farmhouse Ale is a UK collaboration between The Real Junk Food Project and Northern Monk Brew Co (launched June 2016).
East End Brewing Loaf October 2016 Loaf is a US collaboration between 412 Food Rescue, East End Brewing and Five Points Artisan Bakeshop (launched October 2016).
Jaw Brew Hardtack March 2017 Hardtack is a Blonde Beer by Jaw Brew and Aulds bakery. The project was set up by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and Zero Waste Scotland (launched March 2017).
Brooklyn Brewery Ruggernaut March 2017 Ruggernaut is a rye bread based ale brewed by Brooklyn Brewery for The Great Northern Food Hall (launched March 2017).
Damn Good Food & Beverages Bread Beer April 2017 Bread Beer is brewed by Damn Good Food & Beverages AG in Switzerland (launched April 2017).
Crumbs Brewing   May 2017 Crumbs Brewing is a small UK brewery based in Reigate (launched May 2017).
Atlas Brew Works Rescue Brew May 2017 Rescue Brew is a peach Sour Ale. It's a collaboration between Plate of the Union, Atlas Brew Works and MOM's Organic Market (launched May 2017).
Instock Bammetjes Bier June 2017 Instock is a brewery in the Netherlands brewing a bread beer called Bammetjes Bier (launched June 2017).
New Lion Brewery Barrel Thief June 2017 Barrel Thief is a barrel-aged beer born out of a collab between New Lion Brewery and Almond Thief Bakery in Dartington, UK (launched June 2017).
Weird Beard Brew Co Bread Banger August 2017 Bread Banger is a Pale Ale by Weird Beard Brew Co made with loaves donated by The Felix Project (launched August 2017).
Canopy Beer Co Bagel Beer February 2018 Bagel Beer is a partnership between New York Bakery Co and Canopy Beer Co. (limited edition launched February 2018).
Adnams (M&S) Used Your Loaf x 3 styles May 2018 Used Your Loaf is a range of three beers born out of a collaboration between Adnams brewery and M&S's sandwich manufacturer Greencore. (launched May 2018).
Tiny Rebel (Iceland) Bread Board July 2018 Bread Board is a collaboration between the UK supermarket Iceland and brewery Tiny Rebel (launched July 2018).
  Been a Slice September 2018 Been a slice is a Canadian collaboration bringing together lots of organisations to tackle bread waste (launched September 2018).
1912 Brewing Company Leaven Life October 2018 Leaven Life is a collaboration that connects Ermanos Beer & Wine Bar, Barrio Bread and 1912 Brewing Company (launched October 2018).
Mt. Begbie Brewery Our Daily Bread October 2018 Our Daily Bread is a one-off collaboration between the food recovery program Food Connect and Mt. Begbie Brewery (launched October 2018).
Bute Brew Co Thoroughbread October 2018 Thoroughbread is a 5.1% ale by Bute Brew Co, funded with support from Zero Waste Scotland (launched October 2018).
  FREE BEER October 2018 FREE BEER is a range of beers, some of which are brewed with surplus bread, for The Atlantic Project, by the social enterprise co-operative Billy Ruffian's Brewing Co (launched October 2018).
BRØL Pale Ale November 2018 BRØL is a Danish nano-brewery with a 4.7% Pale Ale (launched November 2018)
Small Block Brewery Rye Cycled November 2018 Rye Cycled is a community project by Refresh Cowican, working with by Small Block Brewery (launched November 2018)
Henderson Brewing Company The Ides of November November 2018 Daily Bread is a Pale Ale by Henderson Brewing Company, using bread from The Drake Commissary to support The Daily Bread Food Bank in Ontario, Canada (launched November 2018)
Ajb-Anglo Japanese Brewing Company   December 2018 Ajb-Anglo Japanese Brewing Company and the restaurant L'effervesence launched a beer brewed with local bread surplus in Nozawa Onsen City, Japan (launched December 2018)
Branch & Bone Artisan Ales Pretzel Queen December 2018 Pretzel Queen is a collab between Branch & Bone Artisan Ales and Smales Pretzel Bakery in Dayton, Ohio (launched December 2018)
  The Hangry Ducks December 2018 The Hangry Ducks are another surplus bread beer initiative declaring war on Bread Waste
Jacobson (Carlsberg) Brool December 2018 https://www.foodnavigator.com/Article/2019/09/06/Circular-thinking-bread-Bakery-collaborates-with-Carlsberg-to-tackle-food-waste#
Modist No Bagel Waste January 2019 https://www.citypages.com/restaurants/modist-rise-collab-combines-two-of-the-worlds-best-things-bagels-and-beer/504705551
Nya Carnegiebryggeriet (New Carnegie Brewery) Echo April 2019 https://www.brewbound.com/news/swedens-fotografiska-launches-beer-made-with-leftover-sourdough-bread
Folksbier Bagel beer April 2019 https://vinepair.com/booze-news/folksbier-black-seed-bagel-beer/
Crust Brewing Crust August 2019 C R U S T Brewing is a new brewery soon to open in Singapore. Inspired by our work, they're fully committed to the Rev-Ale-ution through brewing with surplus bread (launching soon)
Moa Brewery / Vogels bread Mixed Grain Toasted Ale September 2019 https://www.nzherald.co.nz/lifestyle/news/article.cfm?c_id=6&objectid=12272291
Woolworths/Tribe Breweries Loafer October 2019 https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/lifestyle/woolies-unusual-plan-to-turn-old-bread-into-beer/video/9169d4393dd15736fa194d0e2140542c & https://www.hit.com.au/story/woolworths-releases-beer-made-of-leftover-bread-140620
Gloucester Brewery Ready Bready Go December 2019 https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/whats-on/food-drink/gloucester-brewery-unveils-new-beer-3615214
University of New Hampshire Brewing Science Lab Harvest Thyme Brown Ale October 2019 https://www.fosters.com/news/20191009/new-unh-beer-uses-dining-hall-surplus-bread
Salvados APA October 2019 https://www.ulule.com/salvados/
Wishbone Brewery River of Worth Brown Ale November 2019 https://www.keighleynews.co.uk/news/18015064.beer-made-toast-honours-river-worth-volunteers/
Magpie Brewery The Bread Brew'd Project - Bakers Pale Ale November 2019 https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/nottingham-news/two-nottingham-students-using-beer-3582924
Elchanan Bread Bakery Red Ale December 2019 https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3776048,00.html
Gallicus Brewery Pain Perdu December 2019 https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/gallicus-pain-perdu-beer-1.5395313
Barn Owl Brewing Breaking Bread Amber Ale December 2019 https://www.castanet.net/edition/news-story-273180-1-.htm
Binjai Brew Set B January 2020 https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/environment/cheers-beer-from-bread-is-zest-the-right-brew
The Post Brewing Company   January 2020 https://www.boulderweekly.com/cuisine/bread-for-the-role/

What's the culture like and do you have any vacancies?

We're proud of the culture we've built at Toast, and have a strong set of people-centred values that guide our decision making.

As certified B Corp, our commitment to our employees (and other stakeholders) is written into our Articles of Association. We're proud to offer employee share options to all employees (as well as lots of other benefits such as paid days off for volunteering and flexible working arrangements) so that we are as invested in the team as they are in the success of the business.

We're proud to have been a Top 100 Company to Escape to in the Escape the City awards every year for the past 5 years.

You can read reviews about how it is to work at Toast on Glassdoor.


We advertise all Toast Ale vacancies at Smartrecruiters.

We do not have any current vacancies